McCann and Partners rejuvenate with Fire and Ice wellbeing session 29th January 2024

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Members of the McCann and Partners team took a well-earned wellbeing break and experienced a rejuvenating Fire and Ice session at Mountain Yoga.

Surrounded by the picturesque views from the Garth Mountain, the innovative two-hour program combines the power of cold water therapy, a Wim Hof Style breathing experience, and the healing warmth of a dedicated Hot Pod Room.

Guides Josh and Chris guided the group through some movement and breathing exercises in a 42-degree tent before preparing them for a one-minute cold dip in a stream-fed cold water plunge pool. They then headed back to the tent and repeated the cycle, slowly increasing each time until they managed 4-5 minutes in the cold pool.

BIM technician Chantille Rouch, who also teaches yoga , said it was a brilliant event and praised thew team at Mountain Yoga for helping them all relax and unwind.

She said: “The coaches not only taught us about nose breathing and the benefits you can gain from it but also some simple stretches you can do to keep yourself mobile during your later years.

“This really was an amazing team bonding event where we got outside our comfort zones in the beautiful surroundings. It was the best wellbeing event I’ve attended at McCann.”

Associate Rhys Silcox added: “At McCann and Partners we take wellbeing very seriously and we’re pleased the group enjoyed the benefits of the Fire and Ice Experience. What a great way to end a working week.”