Green Support

Legacy: McCann Sustainability can assist with the following:

Building User Guides

One credit is awarded where two Building User Guides (one for the non-technical user, and one for the facilities manager) are developed in accordance with Man04: Commissioning and Handover (criterion 11) to ensure that the appropriate guidance is provided to understand and operate the building efficiently.

Travel Plans

One credit is awarded where a travel plan is developed as part of the feasibility and design stages in accordance with Tra01: Transport Assessment and Travel Plan (criterion 1 and 3).

Recycled Content Assessment

One credit is awarded under Mat06: Material Efficiency, where material efficiency is optimised in order to minimise the environmental impact of material use and waste through design, procurement, construction, maintenance and end of life (RIBA Stage 1-6).

Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

One credit is awarded under Wst05: Adaptation to Climate Change (Criterion 1), where a systematic risk assessment is carried out to identify and evaluate the impact on the building over its projected life cycle from expected extreme weather conditions arising from climate change.

Recommendations or solutions will be developed as part of the appraisal so that measures can be implemented with a view of mitigating the identified impacts.

Indoor Air Quality Plans

One credit is awarded under Hea02: Indoor Air Quality (criterion 2), where a site specific indoor air quality plan is produced and implemented.