The FITWEL Standard

FITWEL is a building certification scheme (created by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and General Services Administration) that supports healthier workplace environments to help improve occupant health and productivity.

FITWEL is one of the World’s leading certification systems committed to building health for all.

The standard is organised into and assessed over twelve major ‘categories’ of wellness (location, building access, outdoor spaces, entrances and ground floor, stairs, indoor environment, workspaces, shared spaces, water supply, prepared food areas, vending machines and snack bars, and emergency preparedness).

Each ‘category’ is divided into design and operation ‘strategies’ (63 to 74 depending on scheme type), which contains the criterion used to measure the building’s performance (from sustainable purchasing policies to onsite gardens, opportunities for fitness, healthy food and beverage standards, commuter access, and the availability of farmers’ market produce, to mention a few).

FITWEL is a points-based system with no pre-conditions; allowing projects to decide where to focus efforts in order to improve wellbeing. 

FITWEL certification is rated in stars, where 90 points are required as a minimum:

  • 1 star: 90 to 104 points;
  • 2 stars: 105 to 124 points;
  • 3 stars: 125 to 144 points.

Each ‘strategy’ is weighted relative to its impact on people’s health and wellbeing, for example, providing a lactation room achieves 4.75 points and a Walk Score of 50 achieves 3.08 points (using the ‘workplace’ reference guide).

Designed for commercial interiors, and multi-tenant and single tenant buildings, FITWEL is a system that addresses built environments of every type (offices, schools, health clinics, and residential facilities).

The FITWEL Standard has seven health impact categories as follows:

  • Impacts community health;
  • Reduces morbidity and absenteeism;
  • Supports social equity for vulnerable populations;
  • Instils feelings of wellbeing;
  • Provides healthy food options;
  • Promotes occupant safety;
  • Increases physical activity.

Since its launch in 2017, FITWEL has impacted over 1,000,000 people, through over 1,400 registered projects, and through over 430 certified project or projects pending certification.

We now have an experienced and qualified FITWEL Ambassador who can provide assistance.