David Airey celebrates 40 years at McCann and Partners19th December 2019

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We would like to say a huge congratulations to Mechanical Associate David Airey who is celebrating 40 years with us this year.

David joined McCann and Partners in 1979 as a trainee engineer and has been an integral part of the business for the past four decades. We asked him how he has seen the industry change over the years, and what his McCann and Partners highlights have been;

"I’m proud to have reached the huge milestone of 40 years at McCann’s!

I joined in 1979 as a trainee mechanical engineer and my career has always been exciting, challenging and rewarding. When I joined, McCann’s were located in Cory’s Buildings, Bute Street and Cardiff Bay was mostly derelict docklands and mudflats. We worked without computers, the internet, emails or mobiles, so things have changed a bit! Fortunately, this business has always been at the forefront of new technology, so it’s been a fascinating journey to witness it constantly evolving and advancing, from doing manual calculations with charts and tables, to designing using Dynamic Thermal Simulation and BIM, during my time here.

McCann’s has always been a great place to work and I’ve met and worked with many fantastic people over the years, both inside and outside the company. I’ve enjoyed working on many exciting, large scale projects across all sectors around the UK, including industrial, education, health, retail and aviation, which has given me a vast amount of experience and has been one of the main reasons I’ve been so happy here. 

Even as a trainee, the emphasis was always to design energy efficient buildings, but with the ever increasing impact of global warming, even greater demands are put on us to deliver lower energy, low carbon, sustainable designs, so this is the most exciting and challenging time I've had in the industry.

Hopefully, I can continue doing this rewarding job for a few more years to come!"

Congratulations from everyone at McCann and Partners, David - what an amazing achievement. We look forward to the next few years together!