World Engineering Day 2024: we speak to James Paje about his engineering ambitions at McCann4th March 2024

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To celebrate World Engineering Day 2024, Mechanical Building-Physics Engineer James Paje, tells us why he wanted to pursue a career in engineering and how he would like to see the engineering world evolve in the future

When can you first remember wanting to work in engineering?
From a young age, my fascination with problem-solving sparked a desire to pursue engineering. As I tinkered with toys like ‘Lego’ and absorbed programs such as ‘How do they do it?’, I realised my curiosity for unravelling the mysteries of how things worked and functioned became pretty apparent. This early obsession laid the basis for my interests in various engineering disciplines and all of its principles.

What made you want to go into mechanical engineering specifically?
During my studies in university, I came across a module which would test my knowledge regarding building services. Assigned with the task of creating an initial design and developing a 2D model despite lacking prior mechanical engineering knowledge, I not only managed to overcome the obstacles but excelled in the particular module. This success inspired my pursuit of this role.

What is your role at McCann and do you have any career/ project highlights?
I’m now a Mechanical Building-Physics Engineer within McCann and Partners. My project highlights would probably be having the opportunity to lead projects such as Coedffranc Primary School and working on a proposed Penallta Park Visitor Centre which I hold dear to my local community.

How have you seen the industry change during your career?
The industry has changed in many ways throughout my career, in particular the movement towards ‘Net-Zero’ and how technologies and methods are influenced by this subject.

This year’s World Engineering Day theme is sustainability, which is obviously something very close to McCann’s heart. How would you like to see the engineering, or even the wider construction industry, making positive strides in sustainability in the years to come?
I would particularly like to see milestones be achieved in the engineering world, using various technologies and construction methods in order to contribute to NZC reductions. I hope to see a firmer commitment to this goal from a wider government perspective which would help aid designers and engineers across the industry.